This Monday, Grow Home, will launch a first-time jobs and after-school mentorship and vocational training for teens in Brooklyn/Curtis Bay for the second year.

Starting Oct. 24th, teens attending Benjamin Franklin High School will be able to learn the basics of Urban Agriculture, Construction, Cooking, Music, WiFi Installation, Car mechanics, and other fields through Grow Home’s “Baltimore Builders Program”.

The program is open to all students at Benjamin Franklin High School, with sessions and classes held after school from 3 to 5pm. Participants can also apply to work for a variety of minimum wage outdoor-based jobs on weekends/summer/after school as well as receive regular mentorship support through the program. The “Baltimore Builders Program”, also provides long-term job placement and other career/life assistance for older young adults.

Since 2021, Grow Home has hired more than 30 young adults to care for and improve area parks, vacant lots, and green spaces; while working in partnership with area employers, charities and schools.