There are no better experts for what the community needs than the people that live there themselves. Grow Home is proud to support resident-led efforts to clean up, develop and occupy numerous parks, gardens, and other green sites across South and West Baltimore.

Each of these places are long-term commitments rich with community leadership and a history of trust, communication and capacity building. Our mission is continuing to support these sites and organizations with technical assistance, fundraising, training supports, strategic conversation, partnership building, sharing of resources and fiscal sponsorship if necessary.

Each local community needs to have a locally-led effort to address greening, sport and overall quality of life. These organizations and resources are far from spears out equally in the greater Baltimore area. Grow Home is dedicated to supporting these efforts wherever it can.

Each situation is unique. Each community is its own expert. Each group has its own set of strengths. Each has a path to success.

Community Sites

ABC/Catherine Street Park

Garrett Park

Carroll Park

The Victory Garden

Hilton and Daisy Fields

Filbert Street Community Garden

Farrring Baybrook Park

Leon Day Park