Brooklyn / Curtis Bay

Located along the woods between Brooklyn and Curtis Bay in Baltimore’s Baybrook Peninsula, Farring Baybrook Park has the potential to serve as a green and pedestrian-friendly connection between long-isolated communities. The park is adjacent to three schools and borders residential properties on all sides, including the Brooklyn Homes complex. This incredibly large 88-acre park has a full turf field, outdoor basketball courts, four baseball diamonds, a soccer mini-pitch, a playground, and multi-purpose fields, and is also home to the Myers soccer pavilion and the Farring Baybrook recreation center. Despite all of the amenities it contains, Farring Baybrook is tragically under-utilized and faces chronic problems of blight due to illegal dumping. 

Grow Home is working to link residents on each side of the park together to plan strategies and programs that will drive community use and ownership of the land over the next three years, working in close connection with area schools and businesses with active interests in improving park conditions.