1500 Washington Blvd
Pigtown, Mt. Clare

Located on 117 acres next to the old Montgomery Ward office building, Carroll Park is one of the city’s largest and oldest community parks. 

The historic site includes the hilltop Mount Clare Mansion House – the park grounds were once the 1763 Mount Clare estate owned and kept by Charles Carroll (1723-1783), an attorney whose family includes Declaration of Independence signatory and founding U.S. Senator Charles Carrroll III. 

In addition to the museum, Carroll Park has numerous multi-sport, soccer and baseball fields, picnic areas, basketball courts, a skate park and an enclosed playground.

Since 2011, Grow Home staff have helped residents build up and maintain the park, helping to bring year-round youth sports to the site for area children and supporting special events and clean-ups of the park grounds. The park is also home to a flower garden where local youth are growing flowers for local use.

Residents hope to add new gateway improvements and public art installations to the park in the near future, and to begin hosting larger community events later in 2021.