501 S. Catherine St
Mill Hill / Carrollton Ridge

ABC Park, originally known as Catherine Street Park, is a small community park connecting several neighborhoods in west Baltimore.

Located across Catherine Street from the Westside Shopping Plaza, ABC Park is a beloved center for community gatherings and is also the home practice field for the Seminoles Sports league, a year-round youth athletics program launched by community residents and park supporters.

For years, Catherine Street Park had been in decline, and was the site of drug use, vandalism and dumping. In 2010, area homeowner Derwin Hannah began organizing to clean up and renovate the park. Today it is a clean haven where children and residents can go regularly to enjoy green outdoor spaces.

With support from Grow Home and others, Catherine Street park underwent a major renovation in 2019, with the additions of new playground equipment, landscaping improvements and a community field house, and the park was renamed ABC Park. During the COVID-19 pandemic, park supporters worked to host grocery giveaways, safe play times and other activities to help the community.

Grow Home continues to support the Friends of ABC Park and the Seminoles Sports League as we create new and innovative ways to make ABC Park a center for community improvement and stability.

Meet Derwin Hannah, ABC’s parks leader and nominee of the National Recreation Foundation’s Crawford achievement prize winner in 2020, joining the ranks next to Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Richard Louv.